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Gift Baskets Canada | Halal | 1

  • Gift Baskets Canada | Halal | 1

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  • please note that our baskets are filled with food also in the bottom, we do not use elevators inside the baskets
  • The gift basket contains Halal Turkish food essentially groceries and cookies such as Ulker chocolate and Ulker cookies and Eti cookies
  • Olive oil 1L  | Tomato paste 830g | Jam 300g | Turkish coffee 500g | Ready to eat can 400g | Ikram Green olives jar 700g | Sesame peanuts 180g | Pumpkin seeds 180g | Spaghetti 500g | Asparagus cream soup powder 40g | Revani dessert powder 240g | Ice cream powder 75g | Turkish Delight Sener brand pistachio mix fruit 454g | Olive oil hand cream 250ml | Olive oil daphne soap | Halal chocolate 60g | Orchid liquid soap 500ml | Halal cookies 500g | Ulker chocolate sandwich cookie | Tahini 360g | Stuffed Vine leaves 400g | Stuffed Cabbage leaves 400g
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  • Product of Turkey
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