Elegant Yogurt | Balkan Yogurt | 1800g

  • Elegant Yogurt | Balkan Yogurt | 1800g

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  • Elegant brand Balkan Yogurt, creamy and thick!
  • Elegant Yogurt

  • Balkan-style or set-style yogurt: This yogurt is a bit thicker in consistency than Swiss-style. It is made by fermenting milk in individual containers rather than in a large tank. Greek-style or Greek yogurt: A thick, creamy-tasting plain or flavored yogurt. or starting with higher fat milk or cream.
  • Balkan style yogurt

  • Balkan-style yogurt, which is often called set-style yogurt, is any type of yogurt that is allowed to ferment inside individual containers rather than in a large vat. This type of yogurt is commonly seen in stores and is nearly always used for yogurt that is packaged with fruit on the bottom.
  • Product of Canada
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