Slimming Tea | Dogadan | 20 Teabags

  • Slimming Tea | Dogadan | 20 Teabags

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  • Dogadan 9 Herbal Tea is suitable for those concerned about their form, it will help your weight loss journey and keeps you rejuvenated
  • Dogadan Tea

  • The Tea, made from the most preferred herbs, has been appropriately prepared in terms of taste and consistency.
  • Add healthy snacks like Antep Pistachio and Tulum Cheese along with your Tea
  • Contains Rosemary, Mate, Buckthom bark, Heather Herb, Green Tea, Mulberry Leaves, Cherry Stalks, Cinnamon, Thyme
  • Slimming Tea

  • Dogadan Weight loss Herbal Tea is now available at our Middle Eastern Market
  • A product of Turkey
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“Let the form come before the summer,” says the Dogadan